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Euro-American Glazing Company designs, manufactures components and installs energy-efficient structural façades of modern buildings.

Euro-American Glazing is actually a Group of Companies that is comprised of a technology-holding parent company - EAG Inc., which is registered in Ohio, USA, and of three, independently operating affiliates – EAG-Central Europe (EAG-C.E.), located in Polgar, Hungary, EAG-Eastern Europe (EAG-E.E.), located in Kaliningrad, Russia, and EAG-North America (EAG-N.A.), located in Las Vegas, USA.

EAG Inc. holds rights for utilization of proprietary Heat Mirror™ and Five-S™ technologies in Countries of Central and Eastern Europe. EAG-N.A. has acquired rights for utilization of Heat Mirror™ technology in the Las Vegas region of USA . Heat Mirror™ Insulating Glass Units (HM IGUs) are assembled at 12 (licensed by EAG Inc.) fabricators in 7 different European Countries, namely in Hungary, Czech and Slovak Republics, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Proprietary components of Five-S™ façades are fabricated at specialized factories in Belgium, Russia and Hungary. HM IGUs and Five-S™ components are assembled at factories of EAG operating affiliates into façade modules, delivered to construction sites and installed on buildings by local glazing contractors.

Each EAG operating affiliate has a marketing office and a design bureau that work with regional architects, developers and contractors accepting requests for proposals, providing pertinent quotes and overseeing installation of EAG Façades™.

Operating affiliates of the EAG Group of Companies design and install the most energy-efficient structural-glazing façades (EAG Façades) of modern buildings.

Energy efficiency of EAG Façades is attained by utilizing the most technologically advanced spectrally selective Heat Mirror™ Insulating Glass Units (HM IGUs). Heat Mirror™ is the only, commercially available glazing system that provides high visible light transmission with low solar heat gain (low SHGC) and low heat loss (low U value). This unique combination of physical properties ensures a natural daytime view through the glazing with summer- and winter-time comfort at minimal consumption of energy for heating and air-conditioning. Heat Mirror™ technology was originally developed and licensed to EAG Inc. by Southwall Technology Company of Palo Alto, CA.

Unique design of EAG Façades is attained by utilizing proprietary Five-S™ Solution, which was originally developed by Atelier-du-Verre Company in Liege, Belgium. Five-S™ Solution is an attractive alternative to conventional curtain-wall and point-supported structural glazing systems. The difference in façade design is especially pronounced among conventional point-fixed structural façades, where glass units have holes in their corners and anchored to the substructure with spider-like fixtures, and Five-S™ Solution that utilizes framed glass modules (cartridges) that are clamped to the substructure with pin-and-union members.

EAG Inc. has acquired rights for exclusive utilization of Heat Mirror™ and Five-S™ technologies in Countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Combining Heat Mirror™ glazing with Five-S™ solution creates a synergistic effect, resulting in erection of building envelopes that are unmatched by any other structural façade system, when it comes to energy-efficiency, simplicity of installation, quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

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